City fishing on a feeder

Hello everyone.

In Siberia, pleasant May spring weather. On the street 19-24 heat, sometimes rain. In a word, the most "pike" weather and it's time to go fishing. On Sunday, they decided with Vitaliy Gaidar not to run far from the city. Therefore, the fishing point was chosen on the Ob at Zaton. It was true that I had to ride along the coast in search of a decent place, since the main places of fishing were occupied by fishermen since Saturday evening. Near the tents and cars, the entire coast at regular intervals is lined with a fence of fishing rods with bells. And then there was a free place at the entrance to a small bay. On the edge of the gulf from the Ob side, a clear boundary of the main stream jets and the return from the gulf was visible. Surprisingly, the place was free, although along the shore of the bay itself in the gaps between the bushes, the places were occupied. After punching the proposed fishing area, it became clear that the area is very complex with a fast flow, with sharp jets, whirlpools and significant depth drops in short bottom sections. Therefore, the rest of the fishermen did not occupy this site.

But we are not used to retreat. As the saying goes: "The more complicated, the more interesting!" Having tuned in to difficult working fishing, we make bait mixes on bream, taking into account the possibility of correction for ide. We equip fishing spots and before lunch we try to fish with varying success, but in fact we study the reservoir. Only after a lunch snack, having discussed the movement of streams, trays, speed characteristics of streams at fishing points, especially the preferences of fish for bait additives, we begin to “park” bream and ides with pleasure.

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Fishing was a success. Catching a bucket of fish of good size, we had a photo shoot. They released the extra tails of their native river, transferred places with knowledge about the place that drove up to the evening dawn to friends. With a feeling of deep satisfaction went home, because tomorrow at work …

Thank you very much for the composition of the bait – ORK “Glue fishing”, LLC “Energy” company for the complex of bait material “GREENFISHING.

See you at ponds and nets.

Always with you Oleg. NNCH.