Choice of a feeder for beginners

Choice of a feeder for beginnersA person who has a burning desire to master the feeder does not always know where to start, how to choose the right rod, is it worth it to pay extra for expensive feeders and reels? He rushes to the world wide web and collects a lot of, sometimes, garbage information, which ultimately gives him a distorted image of reality. In this article, I would like to tell a person who is faced with the problem of choosing his first feeder how and where to start? Now in the stores there are feeders of various trademarks, which by and large differ in price and design decision. Which one to choose? Is it worth or not to overpay? For what conditions is a particular feeder model suitable, and can it be universal? Here are some of the most popular questions novice anglers ask.

My answer will be based only on my own experience and reflect a personal point of view. I believe that every angler’s arsenal should have a classic feeder rod for small rivers and lakes. Such a rod has the following characteristics: length 360 cm, test 80-100 grams. 360 cm – a classic length that allows you to work with middle and near distances, has convenient dimensions for transportation and moderate weight, not burdening the angler. A test up to 100 grams covers the range of feeders that may be needed in such reservoirs. Such a rod, as a rule, is good for domestic and country ponds, for catching roach, crucian carp, scavenger, and hustler when you do not need to throw far or fight with great depth and strong currents. In order not to be unfounded, I can recommend the Salmo Diamond Feeder 100 feeder – 3.60 under these conditions. This feeder fits well with the description that I gave above and the main thing is not expensive. About 2,000 rubles in retail stores.

Now it’s worth raising the question: is it worth overpaying, buying more expensive feeders? Personally, my experience shows that it is worth overpaying when. firstly, you have spent half a year on a budget or, as it is commonly called, a people's feeder, and having bought something expensive, you can really understand what the differences between an expensive stick and a popular one are. Secondly, it’s worth doing if you, like me, are going to become an athlete and are ready to spend big money on your hobby. And thirdly, if you are just rich, then why not? In all other cases, I recommend starting with a simple one. You have to master the casting technique, and this may cost you more than one broken tip or a broken ring. The main thing is to understand and remember that it is not a fishing rod that catches, but a person. For example, on the way to my championship, I was fishing with Salmo rods and very successfully. They have all the necessary qualities: sensitivity, durable and robust form, accessibility.

But what if you intend to go to another region to go fishing in big water? What is the likelihood that the universal assistant will not be able to close all the “Wishlist” of the reservoir with her characteristics? Speaking generally about the reservoirs of Russia, and not about the Moscow region, not everyone has a home reservoir – this is a harmless pond! Is not it? When I was in Volgograd on the Akhtuba River, there was no question of equipping the feeder with a 100 gram test. Over the course of Akhtuba, such feeders carry as foam. Under the conditions of large rivers and reservoirs, other feeder models are already required, with increased dough and size. We’ll talk about this in more detail. In the range of many brands, there are feeders of the heavy (heavy) and extra heavy (very heavy) class. For example, the Salmo brand has the following feeders: Salmo Diamond Feeder 150-3.90, Salmo Diamond Feeder 180-3.90, Salmo Diamond Feeder 210-3.90.

The numbers at the end of each item indicate the maximum rod test. Such feeders are not afraid of anyone or anything; they “bullet” heavy feeders over the horizon without fear of breaking a rod or a whip. Once again I will repeat and explain that such monsters are needed for difficult fishing conditions, which are a long throwing range, for example, if a dump or an edge is located 70-80 meters from the coast, a high flow rate, when even a feeder weighs 100 grams, washes away like a feather. In this case, especially heavy feeders up to 160 grams and reinforced feeders are used. And the last of the difficult conditions may be the great depth of the fishing spot. In order for the feeder to quickly sink to the bottom and not lose the feed clogged into it along the way to the fishing place, it should also be heavier and used with a feeder of the heavy and extra heavy class.

One of the main characteristics of a fishing rod of this class is increased growth, as a rule, it ranges from 3.9 to 4.20 m. A fishing rod with such a length is much easier and more efficient to make long casting, as well as work with large weights. In fairness, it is worth noting that the Salmo Diamond Feeder has a border fishing rod with a test of 120 and a growth of 3.60. It has a standard growth, but an increased margin of safety, which also has the right to life and finds its fans.

The last thing I would like to tell in this article is the use of pickers when fishing in small reservoirs, at a distance of no further than 25-30 meters. A picker is a feeder rod with small dough and height. Picker test does not exceed 40 grams. And the growth is up to three meters. There are also models with a length of 2.4 m, convenient for fishing from a boat and teaching children. The picker, usually a very sensitive and elegant rod, fishing gives them a lot of pleasure, especially from the fight with large fish. Pickers are caught using both a feeder and without it, using weights. For example, good and very affordable pickers Salmo Taifun Picker 2.4 and 2.7 meters long and a test of 20 and 30 grams, respectively.

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