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Yesterday I visited the shore spinning competition. We drove without training. Just gathered in the evening and left. One of our comrades was on a pond with training, I was in the spring on the same pond, at the festival.

In the morning, when the organizers arrived, I went to Nikolai, clarified where to go to work out a bit, so as not to chop fish in the zones. Well, I took the new Fish Season Sanday-S 762UL-S-19 spinning rod, put Black Side Axiom 2000 FD on it with wound Berkley Nanofil 0.02, lures and mormyshki from 0.18 to 0.84 and went. The goal was simply to choose the color and type of bait. In principle, it was not a problem to determine the type of bait and choose the color, after 30-40 minutes a pike, with a dozen perches and a ruff, was already caught.

The competition was attended by 57 people, 18 teams and 1 individual. We, as part of Maxim, Stanislav and I, acted in the team the same way.

Three zones, 4 periods. Zone A on one side, B and C on the other side. By the draw, Zone A went to Maxim, zone B to me, and zone C to Stanislav. In which zone who started, there he will end.

Events: Championship of the YELETSK region

Looking ahead to say this, my topic worked 90%. The three of us closed in all periods.

The first round I caught spinning Fish Season Sanday-S 762UL-S-19. But because of its stiffness, the desired bait game did not quite work out. I caught 5 fish, 1 in the standings, the linen simply interfered with my superiority …

During the break, I collect Maximus Pulse 732SUL and I catch all the three remaining periods precisely for them. Why, I’ll tell you at the very bottom.

Events: Championship of the YELETSK region

As a result, we close as a team in all periods. All of course is good, if not for one BUT. In each period, there were many white fish in by-catch. By the number of linen it exceeded the predator. For 4 periods I caught species such as perch, pike, roach, chub, gudgeon, ruff, goby, crucian carp, bleak. The gudgeon, the goby, the bleak did not give a passage to the mormyshka 0.18 g.

We are waiting for the results. According to the final calculations, we took the 4th team place. Maxim performs 3 category. I did not get into the top 7 and in the end I stay with the 3rd, Stanislav was at his first competition, he was also pleased with the result.

Events: Championship of the YELETSK region

Why did I catch Maximus Pulse 732SUL, and not with a stick up to 2-3 g ??? Yes, it’s a bit heavy for mormyshing, yes, it doesn’t have a test (0.8-5), but there is a rock phishing trend. Powerful comel and soft solid paste, height 220 cm. Height allows a little further casting on the bottoms or lower than stated, again in combination with Nanofil 0.02. Due to the softness of the paste, you can set the game I need, and at the same time the likelihood of retreat is reduced.

Literally immediately it became clear that it was necessary to decrease to a minimum and then there would be a chance for a result. Tula mormyshka – a ball in the weight of 0.18 g is clearly far from being thrown, and baits had to be reduced to a minimum. So, one bait worked for all periods, even despite the fact that in the middle of the third it began to drizzle rain and did not have to rely on any activity of the perch. The fish needed to be attracted as delicately as possible, with which we actually believe that we managed, but not to the full extent.

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