Catchy wiring of the oscillator in difficult weather conditions

Oscillating lures are a spinning classic. They are quite easy to use, have high flight characteristics, due to their compact shape and weight, various models are suitable for catching many types of fish and for different fishing conditions, the position and fastening of the hook ensures reliable catching and holding the fish while playing – rightfully universal lures!

Depending on the feed of the oscillators, their postings and play, in certain conditions, they are very catchy, and this is despite the apparent simplicity of this type of bait. In fact, they have great potential in application and in terms of wiring. But many spinning anglers are accustomed to spinning spoons at the usual steady pace, without any play-along. In fact, when the fish shows no interest in the standard spinner game, it is very often possible to correct the situation with uneven wiring.

The principle of such uneven wiring of oscillators is quite simple. After casting, you need to let the spoon go down to the bottom and only then start wiring, blowing it up from the bottom with a reel or spinning rod. Then carry out either evenly or with different rod play. These can be short, sharp jerks, smooth pulls, or simply lifting the rod in different directions at different speeds. That is, there are many options for such manipulations, you just need to adapt to the fishing conditions.

After a certain number of turns of the reel and various jerks, again, according to the fishing conditions, we give the spoon to glide again on a taut line to the bottom. And in this phase, the oscillator continues to attract and provoke the fish to bite, waddling from side to side and “falling” to the bottom. And in this regard, we continue the wiring to the very shore, because bites can occur at any phase of the wiring and in any place.

Thus, by diversifying the game of the bait with various jerking leads, it is possible to achieve excellent results from oscillating lures! And where the vibrators did not work, or did not fully open, you can open up the possibilities of these baits from a new side for us!

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