Catchy “points” on the Moscow Sea on the map

Ivankovskoe reservoir, or, as it is often called. The Moscow Sea is a favorite reservoir of fishermen in the capital. The proximity to Moscow, the indented coastline, depth differences, the most diverse fish and, finally, the presence of fishing bases – all this attracts both summer and winter fishing enthusiasts. But, not knowing specific catching spots, an angler, especially a beginner, may even fail here. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most promising fishing areas in this reservoir.

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1. “Tail” of the warm current downstream of Konakovskaya GRES. Pronounced channel with a very steep left edge. A lot of bream. Fishing with float rods and jig in winter. In summer, fishing with side rods and sliding rigs with a float. Fishing depth is 8-12 meters.

2. Submarines and islands with depth differences up to 6 meters. Strong currents between underwater islands. Closer to the left bank is the snag. Perch and pike perch. There is a lot of pike closer to the shore.

3. Coastal wide shoal. There is practically no current. There are many transverse edges and holes with a depth of up to 5 meters. Lots of small burbot and roach.

4. Varied relief. On the edge of the channel, fishing for bream, mainly at night, with bait with bloodworms. There are many large perch and roach around the islands and between the islands. Pike is well caught on girders from a depth of up to 6 m. There is a lot of silver bream.

5. A relatively shallow area with many ridges and pits. A sharp transition into the channel. The site is characterized by a wide variety of fish species. Perch, roach, burbot, bream, pike, pike perch and silver bream. Fishing with float rods, spinning rods, circles and girders.

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6. Pronounced channel and transverse edges. Lots of large perch, pike. Working depths from 2 to 7 meters. There is a lot of bream and large roach along the channel. Pike perch comes across.

7. Varied terrain. There are many peaceful fish – roach, bastard and silver bream. There are a lot of perch and small pike.

8. The riverbed of the Volga and its edges. Lots of bream and silver bream.

9. In the middle of the bay there is a large flat plateau with a depth of 6 meters. Lots of large roach and ruff. At the exit from the bay there is an underwater spit, on which perch and silver bream are well caught all year round. Frequent bites of pike perch and burbot.

10. One of the best areas for catching predatory fish. A lot of perch. There are many small roach and silver bream. Pike are often caught. Varied bottom topography.