Catchy blue crustacean

Silicone bait Cancer probably is for all anglers who catch bottom predatory fish in any water bodies. This bait is good in that it really resembles real cancer in shape and color, different manufacturers have a variety of shapes and colors. Therefore, you can choose what you like, size, color and catch a predator.

In the arsenal there is such a small Shiku crustacean, there is an elastic round body with micro legs and two flat claws. Length 70 mm and weight small 2.3 grams. Due to these claws, the bait has its own high-frequency game on standard jig wiring, but it can also be animated with the help of explosions by the rod. I chose a color that I didn’t have yet, a dark blue color and not standard for a crustacean, it’s more customary to use machine oil or green to somehow resemble a food object.

In this case, the equipment is on an offset hook, if there is the possibility of hooks, and on a double with a clean day, the double sits perfectly and the bait does not stray from it even with idle bites, and the detection rate is basically good.

Despite the fact that such baits are more considered seasonal, for the warm season, I started to catch it in the spring and all year fishing when fishing with a jig, and she showed herself very catchy.

At the same time, not only perch was caught, but zander and pike very willingly attacked this bait. And on some fishing the crustacean was the indicator of the presence of fish at the point of fishing, the predator could not be caught on other baits, but as soon as it equipped the blue crustacean bites occurred. This is far from every water body, on one concrete one, because different water lures are caught on every water body and you need to understand this.

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I catch this bait on a jig, it can be used for any other installation, due to its light weight, and on an MJ with a cheburashka, 2 grams can be caught in the coastal zone of perch and pike.

Having caught this bait for a year, I became convinced of its working qualities for myself, the blue color showed itself very well. And for this season, he slightly expanded the color palette, a two-color provocative bright color and a more natural olive were added to the assortment.

If the fisherman likes to experiment with baits, then you can have this crustacean in the arsenal. I now have 3 types of color and I can check each one while fishing, but this is later.