CATCHING spoon for pike perch making + secret from the hook

Catching spoon for perch pike production + secret from the hook. In this video, I will tell you how to make a catchy lure for a perch pike with your own hands, and if you reduce its size, you can catch a roach and a pike perch ide and other peaceful fish, as well as this spinner is suitable for winter fishing. I will tell you what materials and tools are needed to make a catchy Spoon spoons .. Oscillator is a versatile spoon that can be carried out both at depth and in shallow water. It all depends on the size of the spoon, the thickness of the metal and the shape, and most importantly, on the skillful wiring of the angler. The reduced size of this lure successfully catches roach and other fish in open water even in winter. For those who watch the video in full, there will be a bonus a little secret on how to avoid a hook, I will tell you everything in detail and show you what to do while waiting for this. Homemade lure is always in many ways superior to all store spinners stamping, which makes the spoon unique and catchy. This lure is well suited for both winter fishing for catching perch and pike.

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