Catching IDE on the spinning – suitable crankbaits and spinners,

IDE is of great interest to many anglers, especially for anglers. Due to its geometry of the body this fish is able to withstand not only for beginners in spinning fishing, but also experienced professionals. Well, you are ready to go for a real “fish dreams”? Also suggest to read about catching carp on the Donk.

This fish is widely distributed throughout Russia and Europe. IDE lives in all large and small rivers, like a fast current, and prefers to stay in the flow of fresh running water. The main prey of the IDE are a small fish and flies are circling at the water surface. Depending on the season, the fish change locations and food habits.

IDE has eggs in the summer in early June and responds well to lures crank. It is for these reasons, this fish is considered the most valuable trophy for the angler. Catch the IDE is very difficult because he’s too close to not admit. Great white predator sees not only what is happening on the water surface, but also what happens outside it.

The choice of a suitable location

As previously mentioned, the IDE likes to keep current. In the summer this fish is all the shoals, drop offs and the edge. On a small river will be relocated in the snags and water rubble, this is where “red” feels perfectly safe, and if you want ambush to attack other species of fish. Water windfall for IDE is like a home. Sometimes there are cases when mothers give birth to trophy bait with them directly in the water the forest and then breakage is inevitable. On it and fishing, because no cuts or breaks is not what one would buy in fishing shops.

Great place for catching IDE on spinning is a drop off. As usual on the slopes a lot of holes and stones, in holes and behind rocks hide large individual. In the summer on a small river IDE can be found on the site with a flat bottom, and even in pools where seasoned beauties parade at the surface and not paying attention to what is happening in the environment.

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