Catching bream on a feeder in October

More than one report Valentina Drobyshevskaya teased with large bream, and even in quantity! The report indicates the place of fishing – Osipovichi reservoir, repairman, it was decided, let’s go for exploration!

An hour’s drive and we are there, a rather interesting and picturesque place. The yellow foliage underfoot gives a special mood and anticipation of trophy fishing. A huge number of bridges, eyes run up from such a choice, at least somewhere it is and there are no fishermen at all, strange.

It was early October outside, it turned out to be a rather warm autumn day, but a little windy, and the fishing place was at the turn of the reservoir, so we decided to split up and arrange a battle for catching bream with a feeder. Well, as a battle, rather a dispute between a professional spinner – Yevgeny Atrakhimovich and a professional floater – Alexey Volichenko, at the same time compare different fishing tactics. Because we are here for the first time, it is quite difficult to choose a place to fish, but thus more interesting.

Spinningists are used to taking a minimum of things with them in order to be more mobile and spend less time on various feeder problems. Therefore, after 5-10 minutes, Zhenya started fishing and already had a good bream bite and an annoying descent. After a couple of casts, the first podleschiks and thickets were already in a landing net, but the size was not pleasing.

Alexei prepared the tackle for a long time and carefully, measured the depth and relief, looked for pits, massively fed the near and far points, but unfortunately, within an hour the fish did not come up … Continue to push back or change the point? I don’t want to lose to the spinning player, we move higher than Zhenya with the flow. Still, the opponent is still biting only a trifle and there is a chance to put a larger fish on the spot and win back … Again sounding the depth and massive feeding of the points, but time goes on …

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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