Carp fishing in open water. Part 2

Carp fishing in open water. Part 2

Fishing technique

Since in our case it is necessary to catch near the shore, it is always necessary to remember that masking is respected, including not only during casting, but also during fishing. If you hooked a carp weighing 500-700 g, you can fish it while sitting. When dealing with larger specimens, you have to get up at full height, and sometimes move right or left, following the runaway carp. For myself, I introduced the concept of “angle of survival.” What does it mean? The fact is that after cutting the carp, for some fractions of a second it is in a state of shock, then a powerful throw follows in the opposite direction from the angler. So, before this throw of the caught fish, I put the rod in a horizontal position, taking it aside.

Moreover, the smaller the angle between the stretched fishing line and the surface of the water, the better. Carp takes it from the bottom, does not like it when they immediately try to bring it to the upper layers of water. Your main task is to direct the fish not inland, but to the right or left. Then begins its exhaustion in circles. With competent fishing, the carp quickly begins to realize that the move to the side is less painful than a sharp throw in depth, since in this case you are forced to restrain the enemy to the maximum. Ultimately, the struggle ends with the fact that with every minute the fish becomes less active, loses orientation and allows you to bring it to the shore in the "embrace" of a wide net.


Above, we examined the main features of carp fishing with a flywheel with a blank tooling. This method is characterized by mobility, the ability to use attachments such as semolina, Hercules flakes or chatterbox (zatiruhi) weakly contained on the hook, overlaps of the leash and the main fishing line are extremely rare. But it also has drawbacks: the range of fishing from the coast is limited, as a rule, by a distance of 10-15 m, the use of thin lines is excluded, the process of fishing takes place over a feeding place. All of these shortcomings are deprived of long-range casting gear, or, in English, Match.

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Fishing rod selection

A well-chosen rod with a certain margin of safety is the first step on the path to mastery. For example, I began to master the match fishing of carp with the Ornamax diving rod. With a length of 3.96 m, there are 12 rings plus a tulip on its blank. Build fast. All match rods can rightfully be divided into a kind of classes depending on the weight of the equipment to be thrown (float, set of sinkers, bait). Light class – up to 8-10 grams, medium – up to 20-25 grams. Heavy – over 25 grams. Some models of match-makers by the well-known Maver company, for example, are designed to throw equipment up to 80 grams. With such a rod, casting can be cast to a distance of up to 100 meters without any problems. At the same time, the following factors influence the casting distance: the line structure, uniform winding of the fishing line on the reel spool, shape and weight of the float, wind direction (lateral, oncoming, from the coast).

When choosing a fishing rod, be sure to pay attention to the number and location of the rings on the blank. They should be of suitable diameter (the first from the coil is at least 8 mm inside) and mounted on high legs. Otherwise, you will constantly have to stick wet line to the blank, which, of course, reduces the casting distance. With a power throw over the head and overlapping the main fishing line for a tulip or a fishing rod ring, you can simply “shoot” a snap with a float that is dear to your heart. Therefore, before each cast, make sure that there is no overlap. I consider the rod to be up to 4 meters long as the most universal. With longer rods there are problems when fishing from the shore overgrown with trees and shrubs, which, you see, is often the case.

Coil selection

Match reel for carp fishing should be chosen after the rod is purchased. First of all, both of these elements of gear should be well balanced. The less the rod weighs with the reel, the better. The main difference between a match reel and a spinning reel is a slightly larger diameter of the spool and it is smaller. The fact is that when throwing fairly light snap-ins (2-5 g), and even with a headwind or crosswind, it will be problematic to deliver the bait to the feeding point. You can, of course, make the rigging heavier, but with careful carp this does not always “pass” – the fish become extremely finicky. The match should be considered balanced; after installing the coil, the center of gravity is located between the upper part of the handle and the first passage ring.

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Quite often I have to deal with the questions of beginning carp-angler fishermen about how much a reel should be, how many bearings there should be … When choosing a reel, a lot depends on what size you are going to catch carp. Underexposure to 500 grams is one thing. And quite another – seasoned specimens, the fight against which is truly an exciting action.
I will give a few specific examples.
1. You purchased a coil with a front brake, forgetting that after cutting the carp makes a powerful throw. In this case, use the rear clutch, of course, will be much more convenient. It is precisely by adjusting the friction clutch in the process of survival that experienced carpenters exhaust even such strong fish as carp without problems.
2. Often carp has to be caught at a distance of 50 meters or more from the coast. In such a situation, the speed coil will give your actions speed. With it, you will quickly exhaust the equipment, which will positively affect the results of fishing.
3. When catching a large carp, it is important not the number of bearings, but the nodes in which they are located. This is, first of all, the rotor, the bearings of the pinion gear, and the logger roller.

Snap installation

The main requirement for carp equipment is its reliability. It is necessary to make it a rule to carefully check the nodes before each fishing trip. In recent years, I have increasingly given up swivels, carbines, and other attributes that not only scare away the careful carp, but also significantly weaken the strength of the gear. In this case, I attach the leash to the main fishing line in a loop-to-loop fashion. Do not forget that the more nodes, the less the strength of your gear.

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In order not to waste time installing equipment on the shore of the reservoir, at home I make several equipment, completely ready to connect to the main fishing line. 2-3 plastic bags with accessories – not the biggest load when going fishing. But it remains only to measure the depth and connect the equipment to the main fishing line.

Depending on the weight of the equipment, I use as the main high-quality monofork with a diameter of 0.16-0.20 mm. A thicker fishing line significantly reduces casting distance, more “sail” under the influence of current or wind. In any case, the leash should be weaker in strength than the main fishing line. When fishing for carp weighing more than five kilograms, you need appropriate gear.

Now about the floats. I came to the conclusion that in match fishing, you can use both ordinary floats and self-loaded. In recent years, when fishing for carp, I use torpedo-shaped floats of the Maver company. Why? Firstly, they allow you to make long casts, and secondly, their loading is easily adjustable using removable washers. But most importantly – do not be lazy at home, taking into account the nozzle, adjust the surroundings of the float so that 2 cm of the antenna is above the surface of the water.

author: В.А. Kazantsev "Fishing in open water"

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