Boat season opening

Finally, the spawning period is over and in connection with this the restrictions on fishing from a boat under the motor are lifted. And of course in the evening I choose a place where to open the fishing season from a boat. In winter and spring I was jigging from the shore on the lake and of course I wanted to go fishing from a boat, because then all the catchy places are available, if you want a jig, you want to wobble in the backwaters. In the evening I loaded everything I needed and sleep. In the morning, the early rise safely overslept, missed the dawn of course, but still quickly pumped the boat and forward to the lake.

On the lake there is beauty, on the water surface and silence, fishermen catch crucian carp from the shore. First, I decide to go fishing for a jig, and a shallow backwater and fishing on surface lures will be a backup option. All points, snags and scythes are clogged in an echo sounder and there is no difficulty in becoming on them.

I became opposite the edge with which perch and pike were regularly caught in the spring, the edge in some places was sharp from 2 meters to 5 and then to 9, torn. A 16 grams Cheburashka cargo with Kagami bait in the color of engine oil. Having changed a couple of productions, I opened the score with a perch, but it is very small here, not like in autumn and spring. Change of productions, change of baits, experiments with weighting with grief in half, the perch is still caught in half.

Then, in the next production, I hook the net, and here the poachers “worked”, pulled the whole and ashore into the bushes, it’s a shame that there’s a lot of rotten fish.

Since the pike is not catching a jig from the depths, he decided to head to the backwater. In order not to be left without a wobbler, I cut the leash from fluorocarbon and put the Titanium Mono leash. On the surface of the water there is a lot of mud and algae, which means I will catch Hatori with a walker, it’s just the place. Casting into the distance, I spend the bait and immediately attacks the pike, jumped out with lightning speed.

I make a cast to the other side and again the pike attacks but misses, after two casts I manage to add a small pike, a photo shoot and it’s time for them to be free.

There were no more pikes in the backwater and moved to deep water on a spit with a depth of 5 meters. Casting to the middle of the scythe, when the bait fell down into the depths, a blow occurs and finally a jig pike, small of course, but for a long time I searched for it with a jig, let it grow and gain weight.

It is a pity that there were no more pikes, only a few okushki and that’s all. The heat affected her and her activity, but I caught it already well. The opening of the boat season was accomplished, the fish in his hands held now it is possible to collect the boat ashore in the heat.

Amanda K. Benson

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