Black Hole Cup 2019

On September 21, the Black Hole Cup was held at the Fishpark Arena. For a solid prize pool (only the first place, in addition to the cup, promised 25 thousand rubles, the updated Troutmania spinning from Black Hole, and not only) Arena masters competed with whom it was pleasant and interesting to compete. It is a pity, for circumstances only partially dependent on me, I was almost late for this event, gathered in a hurry, and, as expected, I spoke quite mediocre. Nevertheless, over the next few hours of fishing in competitive mode, I gained a lot of experience, and also – took a fresh look at the new Eria ERS 702UL with a test of up to 9 grams. Initially, I had some doubts that spinning with such a high test could somehow justify myself in catching pond trout, especially when it comes to competitions and sports hitching. However, as it turned out – as best as I could, and in the middle of the competition I managed to make a few captures with this particular spinning rod, throwing a heavy Noa Boss under the opposite shore of the reservoir. Large and test, by trout standards, a stick does not "drain" the fish from the word at all – which this video from the competition clearly demonstrates.

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