Behind the “white” in the center 05/07/20

The year 2020 was not a success for many of us, and I, unfortunately, was no exception. However, despite the problems and troubles falling on my head, occasionally I still manage to find time for my favorite pastime. I decided to devote the next few trips to a more complex and interesting task than usual, and not to disturb the prickly representatives of the perch family. Based on the task, for Sunday fishing the kit was assembled quite specific: Ideal for catching a white predator, the Eria orange rod with dough up to 9 grams was equipped with a Ballistic three-thousander with a Japanese “one” on the spool, and out of the whole stock of lures, it was only taken a small box of wobblers.

As a result, in 3 hours of fishing I got a few bites of the target fish, and I successfully implemented one of them. True, the joy of the capture was overshadowed by the fact that the caught asp had damaged its gills, and most likely went to another world, although it was released. The perch was a bonus, rapidly attacking the lure under the parapet itself.

Reports from Water: Over

Reports from Water: Over

Water Reports: Per


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