Beginner's Microjig Notes with Lucky John Microjig 9

I often mention in my stories that the jig is gaining the hearts of many fishers every day more and more, and many of them generally forget other lures. This time I want to pay special attention to catching lead in light weight called microjig. In our club reports about fishing for microjig often flash, more often of course such fishing falls on fishing from the shore, but there are also those who purposefully catch from a boat.

After a couple of years of observing, I got excited about mastering this direction of jig fishing, just by the way it turned out to be a rod for such fishing – Vanrex Microjig 9 from Lucky John. The entire Vanrex Microjig line of spinning rods is equipped with a solid white glued-in tip, which is just what you need for animation and control when fishing on small silicone baits.

Reviews: Notes of a novice microjigit with Lucky John Microjig 9

The form is equipped with rings on one leg with SIC inserts, weight around 90 grams, spaced handle made of EVA material and reel seat with nut on top. In general, the first impression is very good, it remained to check how he was doing. The claimed test spinning rod Lucky John Vanrex Microjig 9 is from 2 to 9 grams.

Reviews: Notes of a novice microjigit with Lucky John Microjig 9

Basically, I used collapsible cheburashka weighing from 2 to 3.5 grams, I haven’t tried it less, since I simply didn’t have such a mass of lead, and I don’t need it as a beginner and just wanting to master microjig. I used a cord with a diameter of 0.06, with which good castings were obtained with minimal windage, both from the wind and from places where there was a small current. The game of bait on two grams was clearly visible, powerful punches, selection of baits, tweaks and bites that I just did not see. Thanks to the Solid tops, you can give any additional game to silicone, for this variety I liked microjig.

If you go a little away from the direct purpose of the Vanrex Microjig 9 rod and consider it as universal, which basically happened on one of the fishing trips, then that’s what turned out.

Reviews: Notes of a novice microjigit with Lucky John Microjig 9

Small turntables and all kinds of ASP-like pieces of iron that are not very heavy and bend into an arc form can be used quite realistically, both on uniform wiring and on ragged ones. I was more surprised that, in spite of my softness and the tip with sharpening for microjig, I managed to pull out wobblers as well, and up to 110 millimeters in length.

Reviews: Notes of a novice microjigit with Lucky John Microjig 9

It is clear that it is better to use other sticks for iron and wobblers, but if it happened on the pond that the fish today refuse to eat silicone, as an exception, fishing on other baits can also be done.
Reviews: Notes of a novice microjigit with Lucky John Microjig 9

I didn’t try, but I couldn’t catch anything besides perches, although there was an annoying cut with a toothy prankster. But I will never forget the struggle from perch to half a kilogram in weight. I would also like to share the joy of catching large fish, but as they say everything has its time, but for now to all the NCHN, with respect, Sergey Egoist.


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