Bazooka hands.

In spinning fishing, I most often use silicone lures of a classic shape, only occasionally I resort to the help of all kinds of creatures. Some of them resemble crayfish, other insects, and there are those ideas of geometry were born, most likely after watching fantastic films, but despite this they also fish and sometimes quite well. One of them will be discussed today.

To begin with, Sprut Shumitsu is one of the smallest lures in my box, its length is only 30 millimeters, and the weight I have could not fix the weight. The Shumitsu has two fins and a tail that play actively when driving. The appearance may resemble a small crustacean, but still we often call this silicone “little man” or “bazooka hands”.

Looking at the size of the lure, I think that articulated equipment with a single hook number 8 is better suited, for example I use Sprut Hari. In terms of the used mass of Cheburashka, more than 2 grams, I think it makes no sense to put it, since in my opinion it will spoil the overall appearance and possibly the interest of the fish. But again, you can check and share your material with me, I will be glad to hear and discuss it. Ideally, of course, use up to 1 gram in general, but since so far I do not have such a spinning rod myself with two gram lead.

It would be wrong not to mention the soft, but at the same time very durable, as they often say tenacious, Shumitsu silicone. If my memory serves me, then only once the perch managed to tear off the fin-arm from the bait, and then because it was in a hurry to pull the bait out of the striped mouth half-closed. Perhaps the perch would have continued to peck, but the aesthetics were broken and I was more accustomed to replacing the silicone with a new one from the pack.

As for the game, it seemed to me that in addition to single tosses, the perch reacted well to the so-called “dances” on the spot. Yes, in search fishing such techniques are ineffective, but when the fish site is found, and we clearly understand that we only need to stir up the striped fish, then it is worthwhile to include all our creativity and experiments with “dancing”.

The perch mostly comes across medium-sized, but there is some certainty that if there is “humpback”, he will not miss the chance to eat Sprut Shumitsu. In general, the bait of the “bazooka hand”, with a very original shape, has a place to be not only in the background, but then who likes what and who prefers to catch what more, that’s all for today.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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