Bait for ide

Bait for ideThe fact that the ide loves peas as part of the bait is beyond any doubt. However, this applies mainly to the summer period. We usually catch large quantities of ide in spring, right after the flood, when it does not react to peas. You see, give him a dung beetle or bloodworm at this time. Accordingly, the presence of animal components in the bait is mandatory. In the small tributaries of the Moscow River, the Oka, Upa and other rivers of central Russia, where ides rush in the spring, I usually kept them in whirlpools and barrels with a simple mixture (20% clay, 30% sand and 50% chopped worm and small bloodworm), from which he molded lumps the size of a walnut.

After the ide has spawned, the Oka fishermen, for example, feed it with peas, steamed grains of wheat, barley, oats and other cereals, arranging special “wattle” for fishing during which relatively quiet sections are formed. Sometimes pearl barley steamed in a thermos is very effective – to a state of medium hardness. At the same time, fishing is carried out on boiled, softer barley.

In the summer, the bait on the basis of breadcrumbs also includes plant components – peas, beans, lentils, peanuts, hemp, sunflower seeds, and animal components – maggot, dragonfly larvae, dry mayfly butterflies, molted crayfish – minced meat. Like roach, summer ide ideally responds to flavoring and aromatic additives in bait like hemp and flax grains, pumpkin seeds, vanilla, etc.

author: Kazantsev V.
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