Bait for bleaching

Bait for bleachingIn the view of a novice fisherman, bleak is typically a riding fish. At the same time, it can feed not only at the surface, but also in the water column and at the very bottom. This is especially true for early spring and late autumn, as well as in winter. Therefore, the first "commandment" – to choose a bait for bleaching should be depending on the depth that it adheres to at the moment. In the summer, for example, in the morning and evening dawn, flocks of bleak, as a rule, melt on the surface, picking up small feed in the form of insects and other living creatures. In this case, classic bait for riding fish will be appropriate.

The second “commandment” is that often bleak walks 10-15 m from the shore, and in order to catch it with a shorter rod, it is necessary to form an appetizing “path” towards the angler with the help of a light “dusting” bait. But this is possible only where there is no current. During the course, bait weighted with sand or clay is used. In general, the bait mixture when fishing for this frisky fish should be fine-grained and include components of both animal and plant origin.

Of the first – this is primarily small maggot, forage bloodworms, daphnia, tubule, amphipods (gammarus). The list of plant ingredients is more extensive: breadcrumbs, hemp, sunflower seeds, Hercules, bran, pumpkin seeds and so on. In addition, components that give a column of turbidity (milk powder, egg powder, butter) are added to the bait. And to prevent the feed from drowning very quickly, add fine cork chips or sawdust to the mixture (only not from coniferous trees). Blind lumps of bait should break when hit by water.

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The ratio of components by weight can be as follows:
Breadcrumbs – 500 g;
Cork crumbs (sawdust) – 200 ml;
Milk powder – 200 g;
Hemp – 100 g;
Vanillin – 0.5 g;
Peanuts – 200 g;
Maggot – 100 ml;
Daphnia – 20 g.

Herbal ingredients are carefully ground in a coffee grinder, and hemp and peanuts are lightly roasted first. In general, depending on the season and even the time of day, the tastes of bleak change, and it is not easy to please her.

author: Kazantsev V.
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