Autumn water level

This summer will be a fishing "special". I do not remember such low water for a long time. When fishing from the shore, the homely river pleases poklevka and trophies only in high water – the coastline is shallow. I write this text a month later after those fishing trips, so I can say for sure: “that's when it all started.”

Fishing took place according to the following scenario: at dawn we look for trophies with “large” rubber, we catch almost nothing. And all that is caught is not as strong as last year's results. Change shoes to more micrush gear and start biting. Now you can safely put off until the next season 2-gram cheburashki and 2 "rubber. Well, or leave it for the Oka and Volga. the coast is not caught, it goes to deeper places that are almost impossible to reach while standing on the sandy shore. Is it possible that the omnipresent perch up to 100 grams does not let you get bored. Fry begin to run. Therefore, only rubber works 1 "-1.6" and a weight of 1 gram, inclusive.

Minute of humor. I pass by a peasant who stands almost waist-deep in water with a float. And it does not stand in the broods, but with bare legs. I have as much as his bells from his appearance rang, summer is not the hottest. He actively feeds off his hands, but does not bite. There is not even a cage in the water, although the time is not early anymore. I get up nearby and throw about five meters from the float, make two turns and a bale – the village is “something good”! I sow, and there the bream! You should have seen the man's face 🙂

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