Are you just relaxing or fishing?

I don’t want to offend anyone, but in my opinion, most people go fishing just to relax. This note is for those who want to catch.

I can’t boast of great experience in jig fishing, but I caught the feeder and can share it.

When I see rows of “crocodiles” or other sticks on the shore, it always bothers me. I know: the more sensitive the tip of the feeder, the more bites. This also applies to bream and zander. How did you find out? It’s simple: I put two feeders. On one top with a test of 60 gr., On the other – 120. Several fishing trips in a row for test 60 consistently more bites. The fish simply feel less resistance to the gear and take the nozzle more decisively. What is there with the sensitivity of the “crocodile”?

Feeders. If you want to catch a lot, you need feeder feeders, not springs with rockers. Fish is very sensitive to the amount of feed washed and to the quality of the feed. need feeder. And the leash is long – less than 30 cm, I would simply not consider it. Sudak, for example, prefers leashes more than a meter. How I found out is described above.

Experiments with a fishing line / fluorocarbon leash clearly indicated to me the greater effectiveness of fluorocarbon, by the way.

But the main thing is the place for fishing. If you can still collect bream in place for complementary foods, then for the pike perch the right place is super critical. I can’t advise anything here but to search. I usually throw my gear in a fan. Often pecks at one. Then I move in this direction, then it starts pecking at all the gear. By the way, I did not meet with a good bite in a strong current. Maybe because there we need heavy sinkers and rough tackle. Search. Eyebrows, braids … it’s worth it. The found place will please you for a long time. And I understand the fishermen who do not give up their place. How much work has been spent to find it!

Recently, I have only caught zander, for slicing. Better pecking at a chebak and bleak, scavenger – worse. A piece of meat (I cut the fish across) should be planted first by the back, then by the abdomen. Unless otherwise. or a piece of fish is attached at one point – bites are much smaller. I have heard more than once that a whole, live fry bites better and / or the fish is larger – I could not confirm in practice. There is less bite for the whole live bait, and the effectiveness of bites is much less than for a piece of fish.

In catching zander on a feeder, the distance from the sinker to the tee, to which the leash is attached, matters (a very long one is better). More bites, if this distance is about 10 centimeters. But this rule does not work in the spring. Then the pike perch is very capricious and it is necessary to carry the tee from a sinker of 30-40 centimeters.

The fact that large pike perch only pecks at night is not confirmed by my experience. I know the place where he pecks from 17 to 22 – and that’s it! Then sit at least all night, bites will begin only in the morning. I do not know why.

And in the end: why all this? Why bother?

When I started to catch pike perch for cutting – a catch of 5 pieces per evening, night and morning (of any size) was considered good. Now there are less than 5 credited zander per evening – poor fishing (in the city). Successful fishing (it was recently) – 12 goals from 18-30 to 23, with a total weight of 6,800 – let loose a trifle.

What is the difference between my fishing in the beginning and now, except for catches – I wrote about this.

Search, try, share. And it will be to you!

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

Hi, my name is Amanda K. Benson. Since you, dear reader, have appeared on the page of my blog, it means that you are interested in something. Then you need to know who is writing these articles for you. We will meet and I will tell you a little about myself.

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