And I add bread to the trough! Bullshit all these your purchased baits!

Once I was sitting on a fishing trip. Slowly I prepare the feeder rod, knead the bait in a bucket and smoothly begin to feed the promising point, which I chose with a marker weight. I throw one feeder after another, and then one peasant comes up to me. At first I thought it was just a local onlooker who walks along the shore and watches the fishermen.

It means he is standing and looking at the whole thing. And I continue, take out the feeder and immediately throw it in, at the same time adding anise syrup to the bait to improve the taste and aroma. I make another cast, the feeder falls to the bottom, and I shake off the lure with a sharp movement, and begin to quickly exhaust the tackle in order to quickly repeat the procedure for feeding the point.

And then, a man loudly asks me: “You add some attractant to the foam, right?” I sit like this and think to myself: “Probably, the little guy just decided to go fishing and walks around, asks everyone on the shore about it” And I politely answer him: “Well, yes, when I fish for spinning, sometimes I add. But still, in spinning fishing, it is more important to correctly feed the bait and choose the place. ”And I continue to feed the point. The man stood, scratched his turnip and after my next cast asks: “Why are you pulling out so quickly?” I calmly say to him: “Well, why hesitate, I want to start fishing faster, now I’ll abandon the feeder 15 again and you can start” After that, he probably started “Fatal error”. After all, he again began to be silent and just watch me as I do something that is not entirely clear to him.

And I continue to feed, persistently put the feeder to the point one after another. Then the man moved away from the stupor a little and said to me: “Yes, there is no bite on the foam, try on live bait, do not suffer he *** d” And here, I sit and understand that if I do not tell him in detail now what I am doing , then I simply cannot hold back my laughter, after which I will get something hard on the head with a 67.8% probability. And who knows what is on his mind, the more the man is clearly standing and nervous, even his face turns red. Anyway, he is not friendly in appearance. I calmly tell him: “Yes, I’m just feeding the point, you know?” And I begin to explain, they say, in order to put a large fish, you need to feed the place pointwise, measure it out with a marker weight and all that. It’s good that I didn’t tell about the coquina stain and how not to confuse it with pebbles, he would have punched me with something. And then, the man replies to me: “How are you going to give the lure, here everything will wash away with the current, he *** you suffer boy” And begins to flow smoothly towards his abandoned donoks, not holding back his laughter, which was heard on the entire coast, to the Ob Bay, probably.

I sit, and inside of me everything starts to “boil”, I can say I got mad. “Wow, I tried to explain something useful to a person, but he just laughed at me, offensively” I thought. He sat down, calmed down a bit and started fishing. I put in a 60-centimeter leash with a hook of number 16, put three large maggots and throw the feeder right on target. And as soon as it falls to the bottom, a bite occurs, and I start to play something big! Slowly, slowly, because the leash is small, I adjust the clutch and hear it! This guy is talking to someone on the shore: “Oh, look, this guy is hooked, ha-ha-ha, and I told him, put it on live bait.” I pretend that I don’t hear anything and I slowly bring the fish into the landing net. I take it off the hook and defiantly put it in the cage. And I hear how someone on the shore says to this man: “Oh, look! And the kid caught the ide “- The guy replies:” Yes, he accidentally caught it, he catches the foam rubber, he was lucky “I thought to myself:” That’s what a bitch a strange person. I told him what I was doing and why, but he didn’t even understand that I had come to a peaceful fish, and he also made fun of me on the whole coast.

I continued fishing. I make another cast exactly to the lured place. And then, in less than a minute, the kivertype signals a bite! I hook up and start to haul out another good-sized fish. I bring it to the shore and carefully put it into the landing net, take it in my hands and put it into the cage. And I hear this man saying to his neighbor: “Oh, I caught the second one, look what he’s doing! I have been sitting here for 4 hours and not one bite, but he just came, and immediately began to catch, not in order! I’ll go and ask him what he’s catching on. ”And he headed towards me again. I sit and continue to fish. I pretend not to notice how he comes up to me, and as if I don’t even know that I have a serious conversation with him.

A man comes up to me and begins to ask loudly, I would even say not to ask, but to shout at the top of my voice: “Boy, what are you catching with, tell me?” I calmly answer him: “On a bunch of maggots” And he told me: “Ha- ha-ha, yes, fuck this maggot, I’m sitting on the styrofoam ”And after a few seconds the next question:“ What do you add to the feeder? ” And I begin to explain to him: “I have a multi-component complementary food, with the addition of a base mixture, purchased groundbait and peas, I added all this in order to …” And he, without listening to the end, interrupts and says: “Ha-ha- ha, yes bullshit, all these purchased baits, I’ve been adding bread to the feeder all my life. “I think to myself:” Ask me how many fish he caught, or is it not worth it? ” And somehow having weighed all the pros and cons, I decided to just keep silent and continue fishing, because the probability of getting something hard on the head is growing every minute. The man stood next to me for a couple of minutes, scratched his turnips and went back to the side of his donoks, which, probably, were already covered with moss from the fact that during the entire fishing trip he had never reset them.

It took about 30 minutes. Fishing became noticeably worse. Small scoundrels, roach and spruce trees approached, which I caught and at the same time listened to unflattering expressions in the direction of traditional protein baits, and with coarse mats: And they were like this: “Yes, fuck this maggot, full of shit one little thing and derbanite “” Have you heard that some dendrobena has appeared now? Apparently, the next sh * t on which one little thing is caught “” Here I am watching TV, all sorts of dollars are sitting there on beautiful chairs, showing their fishing, clinging to the snail bloodworms and catching some fry for 40 minutes, let them come here ashore and show you how to fish, ugh shame, ha-ha-ha “

After the last expression, it felt like a click in my head! And I thought, “So I am that very d ***** b and I am sitting on the shore, so my finest hour has come, which I have been waiting for all my life! So, it’s time to show local fishermen how to fish, because this is what I went all this way for, from fisherman to TV presenter! How incredibly glad I am to be here now! Here I will cut the maggots and add it to the groundbait, otherwise the trifle has been pecking for 40 minutes, just like on the TV, which these peasants are watching. ” I add all this slurry to the groundbait, I take out a bloodworm from the bins, I hook a bunch and do a point cast! And what do you think? It takes about 20 seconds, and there is a wild bite that my feeder almost flies off the stand into the water! I strike, and I understand that something very good is sitting! I play it out on the sly, I am in no hurry and I bring fish into the landing net! Yes there is! Here it is, a good ide, about one kilogram in appearance! Immediately I do a second cast and pull out another one, then another one!

And the men somehow quieted down. I watched one of them begin to gather in silence and reel in their fishing rods. And the other asks him: “Are you going home already?” And he replies to him: “Yes, I can’t look at it anymore, I’ll go home.” I looked at it from the side, and I think: “Well, I would come up to me and ask in a human way, without ridicule and shouting to the whole coast, I would tell and teach everything, because I am always open for dialogue.” sorry for the man, humanly! I came ashore, spent a lot of time and didn’t catch anything, it’s a shame. But I understand that it is difficult to retrain to fish when you are used to the old ways of fishing, you can say how to start from scratch, but why not just calmly walk up and talk? There is nothing shameful in this, but you can always learn something new and at any age …

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