And again trout 08/06/20

A couple of days ago we caught trout again. Year 2020 is definitely the year of trout for us. As in previous times, the fish pleased us with bites, and again a worthy specimen was caught. However, I want to devote this report not to the fishing process, and not to gear …

Beginner Tips: Trout Again 08/06/20

Beginner Tips: Trout Again 08/06/20

Beginner Tips: Trout Again 08/06/20

Often, even leaving, it would seem, in the most deserted places, we see traces of human presence there. These traces, as a rule, do not constitute anything good, by their appearance forcing us to remember the people who left them with an unkind word, or, turning away, silently walking past. Meanwhile, we constantly forget one simple truth: Everything is in our power. If you don’t like something, take it away.
I do not propose to rush about along the shore with a bag from under the corpse – it is enough to take a couple of bottles or an old bag – and the corner where you were already becomes cleaner. And nature will not remain in debt. Do a good deed, and there, you look – and the big fish will bite. And so it works. I checked.

Beginner Tips: Trout Again 08/06/20


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