An old friend is better than new two or … Norstream Spiker II 822MMH

Looking through the favorite site of Novosibirsk fishermen once again, I came across an annual contest for testing spinning from Norstream. I thought – “Purkua wouldn’t pa? ..” (distorted fr. “Why not”) … Having timely submitted an application for testing the Spiker II 822MMH, I was surprised to find myself in the list of testers. Nice, damn it, I thought, and rushed for an unexplored wand into the office at the Shamshin Family.

Having received what they wanted, (the fly did not sit!), I impatiently got to the house, took it out of the cover, and suddenly Deja Vu – I already saw it! The fact is that I have the most used stick – Norstream Spiker 902 MH, and since Spiker II 822MMH is still Spiker first and then II (or Spiker returns, gee), my feelings should be clear. It seems he and at the same time not. During the first inspection, the following thoughts were swarming in my head: “Why is it not so here? ..”, “How will it work? ..”, “Why? ..”, “Where? …” and other little-connected interjections … But as soon as I took the job for its intended purpose, most of the questions were lifted, the assumptions gained flesh, the advantages began to shine with clear edges and there was an understanding of what the Norstream Spiker II 822MMH was and what it was eaten with.

But enough of the prefaces, let's move, so to speak, to the main course, namely, to testing.

At first, some dry facts:

Spiker II 822MMH 2.48m

Length (m): 2.48 m.

Arm Length (m): 0.37 m.

Weight: 145 gr.

Peak weight (g): 21 gr.

Test (g): 10-28 gr.

Allowable loads (lb): 8-16

Rings: Seaguide

Spinning made using Ultra Micro Pitching technology, which significantly increases their reliability. Komley rods are additionally reinforced with an X-shaped winding and braided prepreg. A powerful butt not only provides a serious deterrent resource, it significantly increases the sensitivity and improves the balance of gear. Like the first "Spiker", new items have a stylish recognizable design. The forms of the Spiker II rods are made from a combination of Korean high modulus carbon plastics, they are fitted with Seaguide rings with zirconia inserts, comfortable spaced EVA handles and reliable screw reel holders.

These are the technical characteristics indicated on the manufacturer’s website and in a brief announcement in the description section of the gear under test. I honestly tried to google for Ultra Micro Pitching – what an unknown animal it was, I chased it into a translator, after it spat – wallowing in the technical wilderness …

But it's not about that.


Let's start dancing as usual from the stove – dense well-dyed (Cordura?) Fabric, stitched velcro; the catchy inscription excludes the chance to remain a wand incognito – in short, what the doctor ordered.

Retreat 1 – at the first Spiker the cover was with a claim for velvet, comfortable, beautiful, only I (or not only me?) Got a couple of centimeters shorter than the folded spinning, because of which it did not close as it should … Well done Norstrim people, fixed it.


The form itself has a medium taper, a rather perky informative tip (Jig Special, not just like that!). On the butt has a cross-winding, which adds to the spinning performance. The inscriptions are clear, readable. On the shocks, composure is felt, there is no laxity and other parasitic oscillations, the system is rather fast, without extra, in the plepration, in general, for jig fighters.


Carefully assembled, coaxial rings, anti-glare tulip, Fuji reel seat glued evenly, no lacquer stains – nothing to complain about. I just surprised the manufacturer’s choice of rings – like a product from the middle price segment, it would be possible to tie up the rings from Fuji, as on the first Spiker (Looking ahead, I’ll inform you that I’ve been building developers on a vain, oh, nothing …)

Rings are large, not huge, but rather small ones – for those who like to leave the bait in minus is a plus.

Handle EVA, standard raznesenka. Forgrip is medium long, cylindrical, even slightly on the reverse cone, people with short fingers will have to get rid of the habit of "Finger on the letterhead."

Retreat 2 – at the first spiker it narrows to the form – the finger is very convenient to put on carbon, as it is on the contrary, it expands a little, I understand, this is done to prevent the spinning from slipping back, but show me the one who does NOT pinches between your fingers?

Regargrip without claims for originality, it would seem, but the ring with the inscription Spiker II on top of the EVA looks decent.

Well, about the most important thing.

I used it with a fairly budget Lucky John Anira 2500 Team Salmo # 1 WX4 12 LB cord. The balance is not perfect, you need at least 3000 on the Dive, but when fishing, the hand of the soldier did not get tired of stabbing, quite comfortable weight allowed to negate the use of a light coil.

So, the first test. Stocking up with cheburakhs of different weights, I hurried to the home water reservoir, the OVH near Berdsk. Thread the cord into the rings, tied 10 gr + 2.5 "jig rig on the offset, throw … GOOL! (…. Rod), flies not under your feet, of course, but not beyond the horizon. 40 meters came out on the turns of the coil, but the stick is not to be strictly judged for – even though its length is quite decent (248 cm), but which of even the famous elite spinning boasts outstanding throwing characteristics of the scales of the lower border of the test? That's just the same … With the addition of every 2 grams, the roll increased and reached a peak by 24, then it became scary to overload the form, so I was cautious. The most comfortable throw 18-22 – that is, like everyone else – the middle of the test. When casting the form, as a good shock absorber in a car — forcing, sending, returning, and disappearing 1-2 vibrations, without unnecessary parasitic ones — spinning is collected and concentrated. The rings, by the way, are quite at the level, they don’t interfere with the casting, the tulip has never overflowed.

Digression 3: Spiker was the first to love me, that having a living and moving structure of the tip seemed like a strong professional when casting – not a single extra movement, all in a row, without fuss … The younger (or cousin) brother has similar family traits.

Sensitivity and daunting

The minimum that I tried to use is 8 grams – well … the tip is slightly visible, without current and wind, in the hand barely perceptibly taps, 10, 12 – more fun, with 14 everything at once began to play with new colors – and the waves in the sand, and snail backs (hey you're up there !!!), sticks, grass, falling to the bottom – as if an echo sounder has passed. With poklevkami even more fun, perky sudaky bale or bold "terebonk" perch is read at times and is felt even not by the heel, but at the level of reflexes. Once, it’s true, he was deceived, he thought that it was a slug, but when she went to the side … In general, one-and-a-half perchtinkles parked without straining, tore off a 5-meter coastal pit forcing, because they have a bad habit to stick their noses into the wall and crush … Not came out. Possessing an excellent restraining resource, with a correctly tuned friction at the coil, the set, in my opinion, will be able to cope with any task – from bringing small predators to gliss to punching out pike from the pit, and of almost any size. This is with regards to the fight. There were a few fish caught on it, it didn’t go on a boat, there was no time, and on the coast this year striped and fanged were on strike, only a few honored us with their presence on the kukan.

Overall impression

Honestly, my test gear was biased – having the first Spiker in my arsenal, I willy-nilly compared the second Spiker with him and as a result I can say with confidence that the second generation of the series, so beloved by many, came out just as good. By design – soundly, without arrogance, but more beautiful, of course, green on black is more interesting than just gray with sparkles on black. According to the chuik – both are at a high enough level, the forms are voiced, the sensations from the relief and biting are clear, intelligible and easy to read. It was difficult to compare the casting distance, because my Spiker is as much as 26 cm longer, but Spiker II is also very, very good and among my classmates will be able to fight the famous sticks of the medium-high price segment.

Who is useful – the target audience of Norstream Spiker II 822MMH – people who cannot imagine themselves without a jig, no matter from a boat or from the shore, who love the clarity and clarity of the information transmitted by the form. Beginners and experienced anglers are perfect for infection with jigging, for rarely any spinning can give the same sense of absolute understanding of what is happening on the other end of the cord, and the Norstream Spiker II 822MMH can!

P.S. I should add that I tried snap-ins (tap-off, carolina and even a bombard) snap-ins, work quite well for themselves, and even fish are caught by them, there was no place to use a wobbler, and the Jig Special inscription doesn’t have, but, judging by the system, in theory, medium-sized wobblers will carry without failures, right up to the beloved 110th herring. With persistent not a fact – the liveliness of the tip will not allow to set the correct animation.

P.P.S. Special thanks to the developers for the cool and convenient hook-keeper, and then on the first Spiker suffered.

P.P.P.S. To my great regret, when transferring data from the old to the new phone, some of the photos, including the specially formatted Norstream Spiker II 822MMH from all angles, were limped in, so do not kick the photo for the lack of photos …

Many bukoff, but something like that …



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