Almost summer fishing on a feeder

Hello everyone.

In the period of weakening self-isolation on Saturday I decided to leave the city for one of the rivers of the Ob tributaries. The weather favorably dried up the dirt roads, so that we managed to get to the mouth of a not large Siberian rivulet without any special adventures. According to the weather forecast for this day, short rain and a strong gusty wind were expected. Therefore, the place for fishing was chosen under the protection of the high coast and forest.

Although holding mass events, competitions, seminars on water is prohibited, but no one has canceled the honing of fishing skills. So this time it was decided to work out a zone or layer-by-layer bait and fish bait. The task of attracting fish to a point in a pond without current or with a small current at considerable depth. This time the target fish was bream.

The bait was kneaded in three formulations with different physical, mechanical and taste properties. Feeding was carried out in stages by each of the compositions. At the first stage, after 15 minutes the bait attracted a flock of bleak, which responded with a brown reaction at each casting of the feeder. A fish cauldron on the surface of the river showed the presence of bleak until the very end of fishing. At the second stage, small roach and scavenger pulled themselves onto the point. At the third stage, manipulating the composition of the bait, we managed to cut off the roach and attract bream to the point. Further fishing took place with the condition of keeping the bream at the point and the possibility of its enlargement.

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The bream stood on a point and drove off a small fish. The result of fishing: bream per kilogram, a pair of scavengers of 800 grams and 2/3 of a bucket of scavengers of 150-400 grams. There are two dozen carpentries and large 10-15 cm bites in the by-catch.

Lactation tactics have been shown to be effective. For the idea. Thanks to the brilliant and successful athlete-fisherman, the repeated world champion Steve Ringer. For the composition of the bait – ORK "Glue fishing", LLC "Energy" for the complex of bait material "GREENFISHING", "PELICAN" and personally to Alexei Oskolsky.

See you at ponds and nets. Always with you Oleg. NNCH.