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  • Especially pike fishing in the gum
  • The benefits of gum on a pike
  • Device gum
  • Baitfish
  • Where to catch on the gum?
  • How to catch?
  • When to strike and how to draw out?
  • Useful video

Especially pike fishing in the gum

The pike fishing on the gum gained popularity recently. This is due to the ban on this gear in the past.

Today, this type of fishing is absolutely legal, with the exception of the spawning fish, and many fans of predatory fish actively used the gum, and with constant success.

In fact, it is the usual Donk , for fishing the “peaceful fish”, but with some nuances. Fishing gum is suitable for any type of bodies of water as in still water and in current.

The benefits of gum on a pike

This type of fishing has a number of advantages:

  • allows you to sh in large areas of the reservoir at different depths simultaneously.
  • you can use several types of bait;
  • you can score (make a boat) tackle at a considerable distance from the shore;
  • allows you to sh in inaccessible areas of the reservoir for spinning or flapping rods;
  • ease of use (no need to walk around the pond in search of fish places);
  • a simple device gear (even a beginner can assemble it yourself);
  • low cost materials for gear.

Device gum

First we need to take swift, where is wound around the main fishing line diameter of 0.4-0.7 mm. Then she attached a kind of “garland” on leashes . Leashes make the length up to 1 m, and preferably that they be made of durable materialthat will not be able to eat pike. Distance between leashes 1-3 m depending on the size of the reservoir, and their number is chosen individually (5-7 pieces – the best option). The leashes are attached with the carabiner or cambrica, to the junction of the line did not fray from the constant friction.

Attention! Instead of the usual leash attachment, you can use the “moving equipment”. In this case, the main fishing line stoppers not set a certain distance from each other, and the leash attaches to the carabiner, freely sliding on the line. Stoppers will limit the movement of the leash along the main fishing line (30-40 cm). This snap leash is considered to be more flexible and efficient, as it provides greater freedom of movement of live bait and increases the survivability of the fry.

The leashes themselves are equipped with double or triple hooks, which are baited with live bait. After garland with a leash is elastic with a sinker on the end. The weight of sinkers depends on the availability of currents and type of bottom of the reservoir. Also take into account the possibility of casting from the shore. If you make a sinker from a boat, the weight can be much more.


When selecting bait, you should consider its presence in the shery. This will increase the chances of a bite, as pike can cautiously treat a new type of fish. On the rivers it is best to use minnows, the blind worm or eel. Lakes and reservoirs suitable carp, Rudd and roach.

Attach live bait just behind. Should pierce it across the body just below the dorsal fin approximately in the center, not damaging the spine, otherwise the bait will die. The blind worm or eel can pierce through the upper lip, as for the back it can be done.

Catching pike on live bait

Where to catch on the gum?

Ideal fishing are the major rivers and reservoir. Gum pelt along of riparian vegetation or Vice versa in the middle of the pond, where it is assumed the presence of significant differential depths or deep pits.

In any case, you should look for a natural shelter for pike. This ambush predator that prefers to stand on the spot waiting for prey. Therefore, various snags , fallen trees, steep banks with ditches or reeds can be considered a good place for casting tackle with them. Small ponds for fishing on the gum is not suitable.

How to catch?

After selecting the place of fishing it is necessary to make a throw. This can be done by hand from shore or using boat. The option of boat is preferable, as the throw will be as precise. However, some craftsmen are capable of making good casts from the shore, but for this you must not only have strength and skill and considerable experience. The first time, no one will make a normal cast. Beginners better to practice before fishing anywhere in the open field.

Once the casting is made, it is necessary for banks to drive a stick. It is important that he held on tightly, otherwise after a take pike to drag him along with tackle. On the peg attached to the reel or just doing it around 8-10 rpm line.

The line does not need to pull the “string”. You need to let her go in the direction of 1-2 m and wrap it around the nearest tree branch or Bush. This will allow you to see the bite. The fact that pike did not swallow the bait immediately. She first grabs him and drags to the shelter. And then begins to swallow.

If the fishing line will be strongly stretched, the pike let go of the bait, feel the resistance. The tree branch will serve as both a signaling device and a shock absorber for the fish to bite. Also on line you can hang a bell or bell, so as not to “miss” the bite.

Important! The bait stick soon after casting tackle. This gum again removed from the water and equip the fry, and then gently release the gear back. The sinker should not be dragged along the bottom, and stands firmly in place. Allowed bleed the line at 1-2 m, but no more.
When to strike and how to draw out?

Time sweeps is selected on the basis of experience. It is necessary to understand the behavior of pike. It first grabs the victim across the body and pulling a few meters to the shelter. Then slowly turns the bait in his mouth and swallows it. This moment should not be missed. Someone is waiting 10-15 seconds after the start of the bite and then hooking, and someone waits until the fish stop and the strike already in re-strike after a pause.

There are those who wait up to 10 minutes and then hooking for sure. However, in this case the snap-in should be as flexible and sensitive so as not to scare off a pike during a take and to see, acting like a predator. Everyone has to decide when to strike. The effectiveness of the sweeps is directly connected with experience. Pike in various waters and at different times of the year may be different to bite, so a unique time sweeps does not exist. The main thing is not to strike immediately after a take is almost certainly the gathering.

After a successful trip it is necessary to estimate the size of the pike. If it is a small fish up to 1 kg, it can easily pull its simple try and podmanivaya. However, a large specimen will have to take down. With every jerk, you need to give slack and a bit down the line. Stroking is not necessary, otherwise the big fish will tear easily stretched the line another heave. Thus it is useful to have on hand podsachek, which will greatly facilitate the playing, especially if the beach is not very convenient for this.

How to draw out the pike

Pike fishing in the gum is quite simple and effective. It is only important to make and adjust the tackle to extraneous factors do not interfere with fishing. While fishing, you need to analyze literally everything: time of year, the activity of the fish, the bottom topography, depth, and so on. And you need to find the link between all this and his tackle.

Even on the same pond at different times of year, different location and fishing technique of the pike, and therefore the choice of equipment. Therefore, each successive output on a fishing trip needs to be planned in advance and implemented in the form of elastic bands are equipped for pike. You need to constantly experiment with the length of leads, weight sinkers, fishing location, type of bait and other things, to eventually achieve maximum results.

Useful video

A video of the successful playing of a pike with rubber bands.

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