ALASKAN MAN GUIDE C PANEL – thermal underwear that deserves special attention

Friends, today I want to tell you about the set of thermal underwear that made the most positive impression on me in recent years. As you already understood, we will talk about thermal underwear from ALASKAN, model MAN GUIDE C. This set fell into my hands at the end of September. I literally didn’t get out of this kit. Not only is this thermal underwear very well recommended for outdoor activities, but it is also quite relevant in everyday life, but first things first.

I was looking for an inexpensive but very high quality outdoor kit. My main requirements for thermal underwear are: a pleasant fabric that does not irritate the skin, elasticity and a snug fit. There is such thermal underwear on the market that hangs on you like a rag, and, to be honest, it’s not that convenient. Proceeding from this, I chose a new set of thermal underwear for myself, since the old one had already served its purpose, and I was fed up with it after three years of use. After surfing the Internet and reading reviews, I settled on the ALASKAN company, which has long established itself on the good side. So I ended up with a MAN GUIDE C kit.

As I am 180 cm tall, I chose the L size, which was perfect for me. The set includes thermal pants and a thermal T-shirt. Immediately pleased with the quality. The seams are flat and hardly felt, the fabric is elastic and fits the body nicely without hindering movement. I was glad that this thermal underwear does not irritate the skin. The fleecy fibers AEROWARM, which form the bottom layer, create a good microclimate. It is possible that it is for this reason that this thermal underwear does not cause irritation.

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MAN GUIDE C has good compressive properties and excellent heat retention. For example, in October I very often fished on a small river. Fishing on small rivers always means constant movement. I walked two kilometers along the overgrown bank of the river and was already covered in soap, even if you take off your thermal underwear and wring it out. The previous thermoset was not bad, but when the fabric got wet, it became not very comfortable. This is the same feeling when a T-shirt sticks to my back, even now it crumbles me. But what was my surprise when, after a long fishing trip, I did not find any discomfort with the MAN GUIDE C thermal underwear: there was no unpleasant “sticking”. Perhaps all thanks to exactly the same AEROWARM fibers.

Reviews: ALASKAN MAN GUIDE C THERMAL UNDERWEAR - thermal underwear that deserves special attention

At the end of November, I began to visit paysites more often, where the main target was trout. As a rule, you go on such fishing early in the morning and spend 5-6 hours on the water. And since the temperature outside was already 5-6 degrees, then the choice of equipment must be approached responsibly. And here it is important not to warm yourself too much, so that later you do not feel like a goose in the oven, but at the same time do not go light, so as not to freeze anything important. I used AEROWARM as the first layer, put on a fleece and a jacket on top. The combination was perfect. And not hot, and not cold, and most importantly – comfortable.

Reviews: ALASKAN MAN GUIDE C THERMAL UNDERWEAR - thermal underwear that deserves special attention

Reviews: ALASKAN MAN GUIDE C THERMAL UNDERWEAR - thermal underwear that deserves special attention

When all the reservoirs were frozen with ice, I covered the spinning rod until better times, but at the same time I go to work every morning. Frosts down to -25 are not a joke, and downstairs you need to wear something warmer. Thermal pants became the solution to this problem.

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Notable is the fact that MAN GUIDE pants are not very thick fabric, and this allows you to combine them with other clothes and not be like Chipolino.

Thermal underwear MAN GUIDE is made in black, there are red inserts – from an aesthetic point of view, this combination pleases the eye.

Soon I am going to the “paysite” for trout, and I will not have a question, what kind of thermal underwear to wear.

Thanks for attention.