Acquaintance with "Matyga"

This report will tell you a little about a very popular fishing rod assembled on a Matagi TWA-662XUL form. There are many different assemblies, I will not go into details, but they are sharpened mainly under mormicking with heavy monophile rings. I was not the most popular option, designed for cord and micro-jig wiring (light fittings). Therefore, the test is from 0.3 to 1 g, and not from 0.2 g. I think everyone understands, let's move on to fishing itself 🙂

As a test site, I chose Jurasovskoe Lake. The water here is clean and there are few hooks and copious thickets. And because of the good food supply, predatory fish is rather capricious here. I start to catch with 1g, I feel the margin of the test. I think and she will throw 1.5 as nefig do. Yes, and fail on the wiring is unlikely to be much. But in that fishing, I only got to know the rod. The cord wound Duel Armored F + Pro # 0.06. From the first casts, perches began to unwind the friction clutch. I am hunting out the first one, and after him there is still a flock and trying to grab the bait from his mouth. I was really happy: so many perches – there are enough bites for the whole day. But the situation repeated itself over and over again and turned into a trend. From each point, I caught no more than 2 perches, but pretty cool, and perches a little less only chased the “leader”, and then did not respond to the bait.

For a change, I tried even winter mormyshki with or without a nozzle. Probably the largest "sailor" I caught on a cheese cube 0.8g. This time I was lucky with the fish, it responded to almost any animation: shaking, itching, dragging, high throws. And kept near the shore. There are obvious problems with throwing 662 Matygi (well, or my hands are growing out of my pants). For example, I couldn’t even throw a heavy 1m jigsaw to those places where I easily threw others, including shorter ones, rods. But with "indelible" everything is in order. As Aleksei Spirin said (the truth about another “matyu”): “The fish seems to stick” is a very correct and accurate characteristic.

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