According to the forecast, it rains everywhere.

I planned this fishing for the whole week. I thought of fishing from a boat. Set fire to perch and perch.

That day the weather was supposed to be excellent and comfortable for fishing.

The week passed quickly, but something wasn’t fun outside.

I decided to check the weather forecast for tomorrow.

Very sad. Firstly, the wind, and secondly, rain.

Okay, rain, you can endure it, but rain and wind, and the east … well, not fishing at all …

What to do? I don’t want to just roll up and torment myself without catching anything.

I decided to study a detailed weather map. Suddenly somewhere there will be no rain.

On different resources, the weather is shown in its own way, but on Windows in general, you can see how and in what places there will be rainfall or wind. Very comfortably.

I did not lose hope and looked through the side of Ladoga. But there were blue spots everywhere, indicating rain and wind.

But then I noticed that in one place the clouds are divided into two bands. So … this is more interesting. Rain on Ladoga, rain in St. Petersburg, rain in the Gulf of Finland. And in the middle, closer to Vuoksa, there is a dry spot. Looked in more detail. It turned out that during the day, over this area will be slightly cloudy and even without wind.

These are pike places. So I'm going for a pike!

I called my partner and said that plans were changing. He was happier than mine, as he also saw not the best forecasts from the side of Ladoga.

I took with me the Rapolov waders, lures and a couple of wobbler spinning rods.

We go at night to catch the little thing.

On the street the wind blows … tin.

As the saying goes, "a bad owner will not drive a dog out into the yard." And I'm going fishing.

I hope the predictors have not miscalculated this time, and we will have good weather!

Two hours drive and we are in the forest.


There is no wind. Rain and even more so.

Reports from water bodies: According to the forecast, it rains everywhere.

I take with me a minimum of bait. I know for sure what today will be held in high esteem Rapala Shadow Rap Shad natural colors. I'll start with him. Well, if I don’t appreciate it, I will change colors and patterns that are similar in diet to the local predator.

I collect Aernos complete with Vanquish C3000. The kit is lightweight and ideal for fishing on such lakes.

Reports from water bodies: According to the forecast, it rains everywhere.

Reports from water bodies: According to the forecast, it rains everywhere.

Water is like a mirror. Full calm. It starts to lighten.

To abandon the bait, you need to go along the marshy soil to the border of reeds, about 4-5 meters. Otherwise, just do not throw. There is nothing to do here without waders. Under the feet gurgling, twigs break at the bottom. The main thing is not to scare away the fish.

I put on polarizing glasses. While there is no sun, it is poorly visible, despite the perfectly clear water.

Throwing nearby. Along the reeds.

Shadow rap moves like a living.

Smooth broaches half a meter with a pause give life to this small fish.

Throwing in the opposite direction, under the trunk of a fallen tree.

Jerk, pause. The bait unfolds almost 180 degrees. Another jerk. Watching this bait is a pleasure!

Suddenly, a pike flies out from under the driftwood, distraught from what she saw, and bites my wobbler! BAM !!

Spinning in an arc. Pike began dancing on the water. And under water … I carefully take her out to clean water. You can’t give her free rein! Around driftwood and hemp. Slightly missed and there will be no pike or wobbler.

The first is.

Reports from water bodies: According to the forecast, it rains everywhere.

As a rule, two hungry pikes in such places do not peck immediately, so I move.

In this place there is a large clearing of water lilies!

Paradise for a medium-sized pike.

The technique is the same. Jerks and pauses.

If there are no exits on the first casts, you can safely move on. So there is no hungry pike in this place!

One place, second place. Silence.

So it became lighter.

The partner has a way out.

– What color?

– On the green.

I put green.

Throwing in the middle of water lilies.

Jerk, pause. Bam!

There is! The small pike began to bravely resist, trying to free herself from the bait!

But it was not there. The tee has completely settled! Don’t worry, I’ll let it go anyway …

– Call Grandma.

So I went through the lake twice, catching a dozen pikes on different baits.

Reports from water bodies: According to the forecast, it rains everywhere.

The sun is already roasting with might and main. Clouds, of course, are, but the rain obviously does not smell.

But when we drove home, at the entrance to Peter, the whole road was wet.

It turned out that day here

heavily watered rain.

I visited, as if in a different dimension.

Reports from water bodies: According to the forecast, it rains everywhere.


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