About catchy spoon

About catchy spoonNobody needs to explain that the catchy spoon is a bait that catches fish well and is irreplaceable in its own way. It can also be said that catchy baits are always selling well and often serve as a prototype for creating new models of baits, sensibly or ineptly copied many times and often produced under different names, with thousands of clumsy, useless copies per original. A typical example is the absolute majority of spinners from the pre-perestroika period. Numerous “reddens”, “Lärs”, “catchy”, “excellent”, etc., on closer examination, turn out to be pitiful similarities of Scandinavian, less often American spinners, which really can be called catchy. And, nevertheless, despite all the glaring flaws, these were baits, which the fish were caught very successfully.

So in the assortment of the factory "Saturn" and "Voenkhot" there were more than 50 models of spinners. Plants were taken almost for everything that could be manufactured on their equipment. Problems arose only in the manufacture of volumetric baits, where it was impossible to manage with a single stamp. And it is not so important that the outdated equipment was tuned once every six months, and for one batch of lures made at the beginning of the month, the thickness and profile of the bend were noticeably different from lures made at the end of the month. But something from the Russian enterprises for the production of fishing accessories still worked, and for that they thank them so much. They did everything they could to acquaint Soviet fishermen with high-quality samples of world products, albeit in a slightly modified form. Much better was the situation at the Kaunas plant in the Baltic States, which made copies from Scandinavian spinners one-to-one. Spinners were made in small batches, and it was almost impossible to find them in the free market. Much better was the situation at the Kaunas plant in the Baltic States, which made copies from Scandinavian spinners one-to-one. Spinners were made in small batches, and it was almost impossible to find them in the free market.

Glitter imitations

Separately, it is necessary to say about the products of numerous medium-sized firms, formed 5-10 years ago. They clearly headed for the serial production of models of classic lures, but with minor changes, where, for seemingly new original names, authoritative forms of well-known lures are clearly visible. The motto of such firms is clear: it looks impressive – the rest is unimportant or, to put it simply, cheap and cheerful. Indeed, it is difficult to refuse to buy spinners almost for nothing, very similar to its original, which is worth decent money. Such spinners, as a rule, are colorfully decorated, look very elegant and attractive and clearly designed for inexperienced fishermen, and they are sold very well both wholesale and retail.

It is impossible to say unequivocally that they do not fish at all. Of course, they catch them, but usually they are somewhat worse than their type. And the fact that they are, as a rule, manufactured using a simplified technology and that due to simple stamping they have broken or changed the bending line or even the profile geometry, few people care. In addition, these products are aggressively advertised in various fishing publications, it has filled numerous catalogs of firms little-known in Europe. It is no secret that most of these spinners of Asian production, although in recent times it does not play a decisive role.

About catchability

To the attention of anglers catching lures and lures are not so much, and do not think that they were all created 70-80 years ago or even during the reign of Tsar Pea. Indeed, in the manufacture of spinners there were almost hitting the bull's eye, that is, the bait shape, developed many years ago, was so successful that even after many years it was simply not necessary to seriously change anything (for example, Swedish spinners Fiord and SKS, wobbler Original Rapala, the Uralian lure, prototypes of the lure: Timber Doodle and Siclopes (Mepps), Krokodile lurers by Luhr Jensen. Almost all well-established, time-tested baits are constantly being improved. Nevertheless, with the advent of new technologies and materials, there are topcoats simple spinners, which previously could not have been dreamed of, and without which, under modern conditions, it became almost impossible to catch fish.A typical example is the Silver Creek spinner from Daiwa, which can provoke almost all kinds of fish, which change their color depending on the depth of fishing, and , however, perceived by fish as a living, natural bait.

And the design and manufacturing technology of the latest generation of wobblers is generally comparable to the breakthrough of humanity into space. Catchiness lures concept difficult, and sometimes very subjective. So the absolute majority of the miraculously preserved silver or brass lures, made at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, have never been catchy. The fish on them steadily took only when it was a lot. These miraculously preserved rarities have long become an ornament to fishing collections or even a museum rarity. Nevertheless, successful designs or even ideas of masters of the past centuries could be fully realized only thanks to technical progress in the second half of the 20th century.

authors: Pyshkov, Smirnov
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