A variety of fish for the Maximus feeder!

On the last carp fishing there was a puncture! Several descents, idle bites and a mustache. We left with a fat bolt.

We decided to close the season of the crucian carp feeder. Fuck me, not carp. The pond to which we arrived was disconnected. Yes, the loaf is vigorous. There was a fallback that day, with medium-sized underwear. We went there. The season must be closed!

Food for crucian carp … everything for crucian carp, fortunately, I decided to hook a little bloodworm and maggot.

but I dare to note that the food (by the way, ultrabates again, I take it in a shop on the Minsk highway for 100 rubles with something) has bummed again! Gathered perfectly all the linen that they planned to fish! Small roach and podleschik actively pecked at the feeder! Moreover, with strong bites, my signaling device was constantly singing songs.

They pecked, in fact, also in different ways: now only maggot, then bloodworm, then sandwich.

The fish is not large, but a bit kayfanuli and the season of white fish was closed!

There was a curiosity! Ilyukha got a carp! (he is wild there, little, but there). Naturally I cut everything off!

something like this)

Tackle: maximus integro 300m feeder, black side Pro Feeder.

Of course, you can see everything is fine on it (I was with an electronic one, and Ilyukha was looking at the top), but it is not very interesting to carry a frank trifle on it. Yet it is for fish 300g +

That’s all! Thanks to all! Goodbye to everyone.

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