A treat for the stripes.

Previously, when fishing for a jig, I did not use a load of less than 5 grams, for one simple reason – there was no spinning rod suitable for such weights. This year, so to speak, the first experience in fishing for small lures, and I want to start a story about my observations with a kind of symbiosis of a twister and millipede Akkoi Micro Killer 50 mm long.

I equipped this silicone with a single hook with a long forearm and offset, the size is 6 if my memory serves me. In general, to be honest, I did not really believe in such a form, since in the arsenal of pike-pike bait, naturally in large sizes of silicone, in a couple of years it brought only a few empty bites. But since the size in combination with color inspired hope, I decided to go a little deeper into the idea of ​​such a geometry.

Reviews: Treat for Stripes.

In the evening after work, I moved out to the pond to check the stick in the case and see how the twilight pike perch is. A few empty pokes for single bombings, I pause more and voila. The first fish, albeit small, and not often pleasing to an amateur fisherman, was a sculpin goby. It quickly got dark … and I switched to fishing for the fanged.

I decided to spend the next fishing trip in search of perch and continue fishing on Micro Killer, but this time from the boat.

We rarely get lucky with weather conditions, but to see Neptune took pity on us, and there was practically no wind, otherwise how to catch microjig normally ?!

Reviews: Treat for Stripes.

Reviews: Treat for Stripes.

Rare, solitary small-sized perches attacked the baits we offer, but they were far from the target, so they did not stand at the points for a long time. To the shake, I don’t know exactly what microjigits call this wiring element, when the bait moves at the bottom with the tip of the rod standing still, the perch responded best, naturally if there was an understanding of where it stands.

Reviews: Treat for Stripes.

Reviews: Treat for Stripes.

In other cases, a quick posting of the throws helped to find them, and it seemed that it was the quick search that got the larger, and this is not an isolated case.

Reviews: Treat for Stripes.

But the minus of such fishing is that after the bite there followed a lightning fast cut, after which the striped robber left the Micro Killer particle as a keepsake. As a rule, this part is just the one that relates this bait to the kind of twisters. Interesting for the sake of, I continued fishing several times without this tail, perch pecked, but about 5-7 times worse.

Reviews: Treat for Stripes.

In conclusion, I would like to note the tenderness of silicone, which gives a fantastic game, but after two fishing trips from the pack, where there were 10 fighters, taking into account the pike cut, there are only 2 pieces left that I have been saving for a rainy day, Respectfully Sergey Egoist.


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