A trap for pike – principle and its production

Pike is one of the most interesting fishes living in fresh water. In length it can grow up to 1.5 meters, depending on the variety and site localization.

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  • How it works this trap?
  • How to make a trap for pike with your hands?
  • The weight of the largest individuals is about 8 kg, while the average mass pike, as a rule, does not exceed 2.5 kg. This breed is popular among the population because its meat has good flavor. It contains a small amount of fat and many different vitamins. Ideal for preparing culinary masterpieces by any known method, for example, you can read about how to cook a pike on frying pan.

    This fish also has agility and resourcefulness, so to catch its not as easy as it may seem. Most often, for this purpose, catch a minnow or Wobbler, as well as trolling. Much less common a device as the trap, which are aware of only very experienced fishermen. Despite its low popularity, this fishing accessory is one of the most effective methods of catching pike. In specialized outlets you can find two key varieties:

    • double;
    • single.

    It is particularly convenient to use traps for catching pike in the autumn-winter period.

    How it works this trap?

    The principle of operation of the equipment is extremely simple: when a fish swallows the bait, which may be any small fish, is triggered and the system is shut down, whereby the upper jaw is fixed tightly, not allowing the fish the opportunity to swim.

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