A friend caught a pike on a duckling. I did not fit into the landing net.

Long thought where to go, but still chose the bay. Startonuli early in the morning about 4 hours. Although the road was close, but I wanted to be on the water with the first rays. According to the forecast in the afternoon there should have been sun.

They swam across a large water area, but the fish seemed to be gone. It was a bit of a way out, a couple of perches and one test pike that took a duck from a friend. I had to torment, at first she did not fit into the landing net, and then she simply unscrewed all the hooks, as it turned out. Photo, weighing and back to the native element in the hope that he would call his brothers, but nothing else happened.

Enjoy your viewing and NNF. Peace for everyone!


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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